1st December hamper / Christmas elf welcome hamper

Ideas on where you can get a good box / hamper and what you could put in it.

So first things first - where can you get a good box/ hamper from? There are some good ideas for this on the Christmas Eve box page

So once you've got the box sorted what goes in? Obviously this is entirely up to you and what suits your family but some suggestions include:
Something Christmassy to wear - PJs, socks, Christmas jumper.
Christmas book.
Christmas activities - colouring, craft kit, baking set, gingerbread house kits.
Treats to eat - Christmas chocs, tree chocs, tin of nice biscuits etc.
New family board game - there are some great Christmas ones like Christmas Monopoly, Santas Rooftop Scramble or maybe a pack of a cards to teach some new games for the whole family to enjoy.
Advent Calendars - check out some of the best ones available this year.
Christmas DVD - check out some good family film suggestions.
Christmas books - some good suggestions.