Christmas elf traditions - elf mischief / prank ideas for Elf on the Shelf or alternative

Here are some ideas of pranks/ mischief that your own little Christmas elf could get up to!

Christmas elf prank ideas

Here’s loads of ideas to use when looking for inspiration for mischief or fun that your Christmas elf can do. Check out the link to free poems which could be used to accompany some of these prank ideas – there’s also some welcome and farewell poems for your elf too.

Christmas tree elf pranks:
Swap elf with star / angel / fairy on top of tree. Wrap him in tinsel, add a wand (easy to make from a cocktail stick and a star shape!).
Hide lots of teddies / toys all over tree.
Decorate tree with something silly like pants, toilet roll, socks.
Make a large cracker (or you can buy a big one and then carefully open it) and hide elf in middle to pop out when pulled.

Food pranks:
Elf eats chocs off tree / sweets out of tin / biscuits from the tin leaving a trail of wrappers behind them.
Makes some treats and mess – flour everywhere etc – floury footprints to follow and a present of some cakes / cookies to eat (made by elf!).
Eats cereal – leaves a trail, hides in box.
Makes ‘snow’ angel in flour / icing sugar.

Bathroom pranks:
Elf writes in toothpaste or shaving foam on mirror, sink.
Elf floats in boat – toy one or one he’s made out of a plastic container.
Unwinds the toilet roll and wraps it around everything in bathroom.
Wraps the toilet in cling film or the sink.
Makes a swimming pool in sink.

Other pranks:
Watches a movie – DVDs spread all around, remote controller by elf ,movie snacks etc.
Plays board games – makes a mess of games or sat with other toys playing a game.
Goes bungee jumping down stairs – elf in middle of toilet roll and then roll pushed down stairs with long stream behind.
Bedtime stories – all the books out elf reading favourite story.
Elf drawn a picture / made / written a card for child.
Elf playing with play dough – made something.
Elf missing north pole – hides in freezer.
Elf taken some selfies in funny places / poses.
Elf made himself a house / chair / bed out of lego.
Elf dressing up in other toy clothes – Barbie style clothes / dolls.
Playing with glitter – leave a trail to follow, footprints in glitter.
Elf taken ‘hostage’ by toy soldiers – wrapped in tinsel / string – masking taped to wall.
Elf parachuting – toy parachute or handmade – stuck in tree or on picture frame etc.