What goes in my Christmas Eve box?

So here's some good ideas on what can go in your box.

So once you've chosen your box / hamper it's time to fill it - so what should you put in? Really this is entirely up to you - see below for some of photos of what goes into a typical box but obviously if that doesn't fit in with your family/ your traditions fill with whatever meets your needs.

Typically the things people put in are:
New PJs / slippers / socks / dressing gown - could be Christmas themed or their favourite character or even personalised (studio cards are great for personalised PJs).
Books for bedtime story - most people choose a Christmas themed story.
Christmas activities - colouring, something to make, cookie kit, Gingerbread house kit etc.
Something new to cuddle / or small toy to play with.
Christmas DVD - something to watch altogether as a family.
Treats to eat - chocolate coins / santas / tub of chocs / crisps or popcorn - great to accompany the DVD!
New mugs/ cup for bedtime drink - hot choc to go in it.
Bottle of bubbly for adults and non alcoholic treat for kids.

Looking for some more ideas? - more photos /ideas for your box.