Christmas Eve box / hamper / Magical Reindeer Food Recipe

What are they? Where to get them and ideas for what to put in.

So What Is a Christmas Eve Box?

Christmas Eve boxes/ hampers are an increasingly popular tradition that many families do to help make the night before Christmas as magical as possible! Now the more cynical among you might feel this is just another way to make parents part with even more cash in the festive period and surely there is enough excitement and magic on Christmas Eve without the need for even more presents? Obviously there is plenty of weight to that suggestion and of course there are plenty of ways to crank up the excitement levels without spending a penny but for those who want to the box can be a lovely tradition to introduce. Plus it needn't cost lots - a homemade box (simply decorated cardboard one will suffice) and just a few items to make some family time extra special - treats to have whilst watching a movie, new book to share, cookies for Santa, ingredients to make magic reindeer food (recipe below) etc. There's really no hard or fast rule about what should go in it just depends on what you want for your family (and your budget) (check out some suggestions), when it should be given - morning or evening? (this may depend a little on the contents - maybe morning if there's a lot of activities in it or evening if its more PJs and books )or who it's from (some families have their elf leave it as a farewell gift or simply have it as a family gift to enjoy together). So have a look at some of the ideas on where to get your box/ hamper and what to put in it then make the tradition your own!

Recipe For Magic Reindeer Food:

Edible glitter
Sprinkling of edible cake decorations e.g. sugar stars

Grab a bowl, a mixing spoon and a bag or container to put in. Put the ingredients in a bowl, mix, make some magical wishes and put in your chosen container.
On Christmas Eve sprinkle generously on your lawn, drive or anywhere where there is enough space for Santa's reindeer and his sleigh to land!