Christmas Number Ones Quiz - Do you know your Cliff Classics from your Comedy one offs?!!

A fun Quiz to test you and your family/ friends knowledge of Christmas number ones throughout the years.

When I was growing up it was always a big thing at Christmas to find out what the Christmas number one was going to be and there was usually a few festive themed tunes, big ballads or a surefire hit from a big name jostling for the coveted number one spot. In recent years cheesy Christmas themed tunes are less the norm and there was a depressing trend for a few consecutive years that the winner of a popular TV show was pretty much guaranteed the top spot no matter who they were or how well (or not!) they sang! So as part of a slightly wistful trip down memory lane I have compiled a quiz about past Christmas number ones. So go ahead test your own knowledge or challenge those around you to see who is the champion Christmas number one boffin!

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How Well Do You Know Your Christmas Number Ones?

1 Which two groups have had three consecutive Christmas number ones?
2 How many Christmases has Cliff Richard spent in the number one slot either as an individual artist or as part of a group?
3 Last years Christmas number one spent an impressive 9 weeks in the top spot - so what was it?
4 Band Aid had the Christmas number one in 1984, 1989, and 2004 - which year was it number one the longest?
5 In 1995 Michael Jackson had his only Christmas number one - what was it?
6 Which song was number one in 1975 and again in 1991?
7 The second winner of the X factor in 2005 released their single 'That's My Goal?' on the 21st December and it became the fastest selling single of the year securing it the number one spot for Christmas. Who sang it?
8 What popular children's TV character got the number one spot in the year 2000? and which actor did the voice for them?
9 What was the name of the Saturday night TV personality who had a number one in 1993 with a song with their name as the title?
10 Who had a Christmas number one in 2009 with a record that was originally released in 1993 when it only reached number 25 in the charts?

So have you worked out the answers? check to see how many you get right.

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