Christmas elf related accessories - use with Elf on the Shelf or alternative

Lovely accessories to accompany your elf - pictures and where to get them.

Elf Candy Canes - pack or 10 from The Works 1

Paint your own elf door from The Range

Elf Surveillance Camera 4.99 The Range

Elf Door - 2.99 The Range

As the Christmas elf tradition becomes increasingly popular there are more and more elf related accessories available in the shops. These can be used to help create your elf adventures/ mischief or to make a special area in the house for your elf to live or to help your elf give an eye out for good behaviour! So here's a few ideas on what's available at the moment:

Elf Sleigh - 3.99 The Range

Naughty Elf Tape 1.00 The Range

Here are more elf accessories - great to use with the elf poems or maybe include in your first day hamper?