Christmas elf free to use poems to accompany elf pranks

Here's some more free to use elf poems to use with your Christmas elf.

Do you like to play?
I do too
Hide and Seek
Iíll play with you,

Can you find me?
Iíve hidden well
Iíve been up to mischief
As you can tell.

Follow my mess
Soon youíll see
Where Iím hiding
Come, find me.

Good morning, good morning
Itís a wonderful day
Iíve had a fabulous time
Having a play

I tried to be tidy
But Iím no good at that
So see where I am now
Just look where Iím sat!!

One of the nights before Christmas
All through your home
Whilst you were all sleeping
I was bored and alone.

So I looked around
For good things to do
I found them a plenty
And had lots of fun too!

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