Everyday Christmas elf free to use poems

Here are some free to use poems which you could use each day alongside your elf pranks/ gifts.

Good morning my best friend
I hope that you slept well
Iím still a little tired
Iíve been busy as you might tell!

Last night while you were sleeping
I was a busy little elf
I got a little tired
Just sitting here on my shelf.

So I crept down very quietly
Upstairs I slowly crept
And had a truly wild time
Whilst all the time you slept.

While you were sleeping, eyes shut tight.
So look around, see what Iíve done
I really had a lot of fun!

Good morning my dear friend
I trust that you slept well?
Iíve had a truly splendid time
And now I want to tell!

So look around
See what Iíve done
Please forgive my mess
It was just a bit of fun!

Good morning, good morning
Itís a wonderful day
Iíve had a fabulous time
Having a play

I tried to be tidy
But Iím no good at that
So see where I am now
Just look where Iím sat!!

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