First day Christmas elf poems, welcome and introduce your elf

A few poems great for introducing your elf on his first day!

Free to use welcome poems:

Hello! Iím so pleased to meet you
Iím your little elf.
Iíve come all the way from Santa
To live right here on your shelf.

Iím here to be your friend
And make sure that you are good.
But sometimes I get a little bored
And donít always do what I should.

So Santa needs you to do a job
And keep your eye on me.
To check I stay where Iíve been put
And Iím not being too naughty.

So letís have some fun together
Now Christmas is almost here
And weíll both try our hardest
To be good for the rest of the year!

Remember to fill in the blanks with your child's name and the name of your elf!

Hello I'm your elf
I want you to be my friend, I chose you myself.
Every year Santa sends us all over the land
It's my job to come here to give him a hand.

I check to see that you've been trying your best
To be helpful and kind and I'm sure that you've guessed
That I chose you as I'm sure you've been good
And been trying your hardest to do as you should.

So I'll be checking you keep up the hard work you've done
But at the same time making sure we have lots of fun!
I'm ever so excited to be your elf friend
And have adventures galore so the fun never ends!

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Some people have their Elf bring a welcome/ first December hamper.