L.O.L Surprise Doll Inspired Games/ Activities - Superfan Quiz

So how much of a super fan of L.O.L are you? Take this fun quiz inspired by your favourite dolls and find out!

Super Fan Quiz- Who Am I?

Read through the descriptions below and decide which L.O.L doll it is referring to then add up your score to see how much you really know about your favourite dolls!

1. I am a queen who is out of this world. I love my silver boots. Who am I?

2. I love to make my music and wear a red baseball cap. Who am I?

3. I love to hang out at the beach and catch a wave. Who am I?

4. I'm a cute little kitty. Who am I?

5. I am definitely the winner of the most Glam L.O.L Doll, I have a sash to prove it. Who am I?

6. I don't like to leave the house without my pink headphones - I love to listen to music on the go. Who am I?

7. I am as sweet as my name sounds. Who am I?

8. I have a mischievous streak as my name suggests. Who am I?

9. I am a rare gem from Series 1. Who am I?

10. I am always around to cheer on my friends. Who am I?

So how did you do? Think you've worked them all out?
Check out the answers.