Answers to the L.O.L Surprise Doll Inspired Quiz - Who Am I?

So see how many of the dolls you got right and add up your score to see if you are a super fan or not!

Give yourself one point for each correct answer.

1. Cosmic Queen.
2. M C Swag.
3. Surfer Babe.
4. Baby Cat.
5. Miss Baby.
6. Beats.
7. Bon Bon.
8. Trouble Maker.
9. Crystal Queen.
10. Cheer Captain.

Now add up your points...

Score 10/10 - Congratulations! You are surely a Super fan and perhaps even as clever as the L.O.L Teachers Pet doll!

Score 7- 9/ 10 Well Done! You are a big fan and well on the way to super fan status. Maybe next time get L.O.L doll Cheer Captain by your side to cheer you on and inspire you to score even more!

Score 4-6 Really good try, looks like you are starting to get to know your L.O.L dolls well.

Score 1-4 Not bad, maybe have another look at you L.O.L dolls and give the quiz another go and see if you can up your score next time.

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