L.O.L Surprise Doll Inspired Party Ideas / Games/ Activities for 6/ 7 / 8 year old girls

Massively popular at the moment so a party with a theme based around these little dolls is bound to go down well! Check out some of the ideas below to help you get started in planning your L.O.L inspired party.

These super cute little dolls are still relatively new so there isn't a huge amount of L.O.L party merchandise available. However if we base it around the theme - think surprise, 7 layers of fun etc there are loads of games/ activities which you can do to make your party a huge hit!

Party Bags
I had a quick search and couldn't find any official L.O.L bags available to buy but judging on their popularity I wouldn't be surprised if you couldn't get some soon. In the meantime I made a simple one myself from a plain white paper picnic/ lunch bag and simply drew the word L.O.L and stuck it to the front. Dependent on your creative skills you could try drawing a favourite doll and doing the same or use it as an activity to get the party started and get your guests to decorate their own bags by drawing their favourite doll/ charms! I also had the idea of filling mine with a 7 layered round parcel with a small gift in each layer as I felt this fitted the theme well. I wrapped a mix of sweets and stickers and then had a L.O.L charm fizz ball in the middle of mine as I didn't have many to make. But if you have lots to do this could get costly so obviously choose items to suit your budget.

Alternatively, and a good idea if you have a lot of guests to provide for - how about a seven layered sweetie cone? Simply buy cellophane cones (widely available from many retailers and tons to chose from on ebay) and fill with seven different layers of sweets! You can also order personalised stickers with a L.O.L doll picture on ebay to finish the look.

Party Invites
These could be made yourself on computer using a colour scheme to fit your L.O.L theme or I found some personalised L.O.L inspired ones which you could order from ebay. I also had a go at making a five layered Lil Sister one like the old fashioned paper dolls (would work equally as well as a seven layered TOT doll!). I simply folded my card into five equal parts and drew a L.O.L lil sister (I chose Lil Glitter Queen), cut around (making sure the hands and hair weren't cut at edges so they still joined) and then decorated. After I wrote a different piece of party info on each of the other plain doll cut outs. This is also great for getting the party girl to help you with!

Party Games/ Activities

Unwrap the Surprise!
Any kind of pass the parcel type game would fit a L.O.L theme brilliantly. You can go for the classic parcel with a treat/ challenge in each layer till you get to the prize or maybe try this variation:
Wrap up seven different accessories (think hat, sunglasses, hair accessory, shoes, bag, cup, tiara etc) and then put one of these wrapped accessories in a layer of your parcel, pass it round just as you do in pass the parcel, when the music stops the child unwraps their layer and finds a wrapped accessory - they must guess what accessory it is and if they're correct they get a small prize! You could have more than one seven layered parcel going round at a time to make sure all your guests get a turn.

Speed Unwrap
Or have a speed unwrapping challenge in small teams. Wrap 7 pieces of card up with a word written on each so that when the team has all 7 words it will make a sentence! Put a word in each layer and wrap well so its more of a challenge! When you say go each team has to unwrap all seven layers as quickly as they can and then put the words together to make the correct sentence to win! Or for even more fun the seven words can make a clue to find a hidden surprise so you sort of combine pass the parcel with a treasure hunt!

Put the Bow on Glitter Queen
Draw a large picture of Glitter Queen minus her bow, draw enough paper bows for your guests, blindfold and take it in turns to put bow in correct place. Obviously can adapt to whatever character / accessory is appropriate.

Set up your Own Glee Club or Theatre Club
Just like the Tots get together in small groups and sing or perform a short play etc and then perform for the other guests. Dependent on age of your guests could extend and make it into a talent show, prize for winning groups.

Have Sports Day style Races like Athletic Club Tots
Egg and spoon, sack race, relay races etc.

L.O.L Photo Booth
Make a booth from a large box or make a frame from a large sheet of cardboard, collect together some L.O.L inspired accessories - Big bow, Tiara, microphone, devil horns, etc. Maybe set up a L.O.L salon where your guests can style their hair etc to look like their favourite character then strike a pose!

Make your Own Unboxing Video
Kids love watching these so why not have a go at making their own! Maybe save a present for the party girl - A L.O.L surprise ball and then let them lose with a camera as they make their own unwrapping film. This could be put onto DVD for each guest to take home (take care with Kids posting online unless you know parents well and have their permission)

Chocolate Game
You'll need a few L.O.L inspired accessories - maybe cat ears/ devil horns, or a big hair bow, glasses, tutu, headphones, a dice, knife and fork and a big bar of chocolate. Guests sit in circle and take it in turns to roll dice. When someone gets a 6 they have to put all the accessories on as quick as they can then using knife and fork cut the chocolate - if they cut a square off they can eat it, they can keep going till the next person throws a six.

L.O.L Board Game
This game is available from Smyths Toys, The Entertainer, Argos - RRP 19.99 but on offer for 14.99 in a lot of shops at the moment. Great for smaller parties.

Design Your Own L.O.L doll/ Accessory
Older guests could have a blank sheet of paper with good array of pens, glitter, fabric etc and get designing. Younger guests might benefit from an outline of a bow, bag or a doll for them to decorate. Could do just for fun or have as a small competition.

L.0.L Quizzes
Why not have a go at writing one for your guests or use this one to see how much they know about their favourite toy! Or try the Who am I ? Super fan Quiz!

or give them some L.O.L inspired anagrams individually or as a team challenge!

L.O.L Treasure Hunt - follow this link for more fun ideas!

L.O.L Game

Guess the Accessories Pass The Parcel Game