L.O.L Surprise Party Idea Game - Treasure Hunt

A great, fun activity for all your guests. You could hide small gifts for your guests to find and keep or hide items which need to be found with a prize for winning child/ team.

L.O.L Treasure Hunt

The idea is to find seven surprises. Now this could be 7 small gifts hidden around or 7 bags of sweets/ chocolate coins etc with a clue where to find each one. Or to make it even more in keeping with the L.O.L theme hide 7 surprises like you would find in each layer of a L.O.L surprise doll. So the seven items (in the same order as the surprise ball) would be:

1. Secret Message - perfect for a treasure hunt the 'secret message' could be the first clue which they could either find or you could give them to start (ideas for clue suggestions below)
2. Collectible Sticker - You could hide some nice gem stickers, or accessory themed ones which are thankfully not too expensive so you could hide enough for each of your guests along with where to find the next surprise.
3. Bottle - now this could be a small plastic doll/ baby bottle to find or you could hide some little bottles of drinks for your guests to enjoy (perhaps some nice flavoured water or lemonade?) and of course the clue for surprise number 4.
4. Shoes - Either a pair of toy shoes or any pair of shoes you have (ideally try to find a pair that look like some your favourite L.O.L doll might wear)and clue for surprise number 5.
5. Outfit - Something L.O.L inspired to dress up in would be fun - a tutu / mermaid tail etc would be great.
6. Accessory - A bow, sunglasses, baseball cap, tiara etc - just one or if you only have a few guests you could hide a few cheaper accessories (think hair bows, tiaras) for your guests to keep.
7. The Doll! - again this could be just one to find or if you have only a few guests perhaps the final surprise could be a L.O.L surprise doll for them to have (could also double as their end of party gift instead of a party bag).

These could be really simple with just the name of the room where it's hidden or under a place where the party girl sleeps etc or as elaborate as you like! Depends a lot on where the hunt is and the space available! Just remember that the party guests are likely to be very excitable so think about where you want them running around/ hunting!