More Christmas elf prank / mischief poems

Here are some more free to use poems to use with your Christmas elf.

Oh dear Iíve been a little silly
I got so bored as you you see
I really couldnít help myself
Although Iím sure not all this mess was me!!

Good morning my dear friend
I trust that you slept well?
Iíve had a truly splendid time
And now I want to tell!

So look around
See what Iíve done
Please forgive my mess
It was just a bit of fun!

Weíre nearly half way through the month
The time has really flown
Iíve had another busy night
Having a ball here in your home.

So look carefully around the house
And see what fun Iíve had
I really try so hard to be good
Iím really not that bad!