Where can I get a Christmas Eve box / hamper?

Here are a few suggestions to suit a range of tastes and budgets:

Pack of 2 Fold Flat Boxes B & M 2.49 (click here to see these in use and made up - they hold a surprising amount!)

Christmas Storage Box B & M 4.99

Large Gift Box B & M 1.99

Lined Wicker Hampers 5.99 and 4.99 Home Bargains

Nice Box from Matalan 5.

Giant Gift Bag 1.00 B&M

If you are feeling creative or can't find one you like why not have a go at making your own? You could keep this simple and just wrap a box like a large lidded shoebox in Christmas paper or visit a craft store (think Hobbycraft, the Range) and get a plain box and accessories to make it special. Hobbycraft have some plain crates for 8 that could be painted/ decorated. If this is something you are going to use every year then it might be worth investing in a sturdy one which is likely to last.

Once you've got your box sorted it's time to fill it - so what could go in?

Wooden Crate 8 from Hobbycraft in a natural finish so could be painted/ decorated to your choosing!

Large cardboard lidded box from Hobbycraft 5.50, good to decorate.