Christmas elf free to use poems for your elf traditions

Some more free to use elf poems to accompany your elf pranks / mischief.

Is it morning time already?
The night has passed so quick
Although the mischief I got up to
Has made my tummy feel quite sick!

Iíve been a busy little elf
A rather creative one as well
Iíve had a go at drawing
And I think that it looks swell.

Twinkle twinkle little elf
As good as gold up on his shelf
But where is he now? Go and see
Heís somewhere hiding on your tree!

Jingle Bells
This elf smells
Iíve had some messy fun
Iíve been busy, busy all night long
Come, see what I have done!

Iím sorry I couldnít help myself
It was boring sat up here
So I jumped on down to have a play
Itís the most fun Iíve had all year!

Excuse me while I have a nap
Last night was such hard work
I had a truly awesome time
I went really quite berserk!

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